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New Technologies on Agrarian Reform

10 August 2009

Let’s discuss and combine to avert Jatropha soffocation of countries of the ’South’


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29 June 2009

Agribusiness’ headlong flight to agrofuels and their impact on food security

Agrofuels constitute the subset of liquid biofuels of the first generation, extracted from agricultural feedstocks, beside those awaited of the second generation extracted from renewable ligneous-cellulosic products (agricultural wastes, wood)1 or algae or micro-algae, often called of the third generation....

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19 September 2008

Green Gold Rush: Africa Becoming a Biofuel Battleground

Article from Der Spiegel (Germany). Date: 5 September 2008 Western companies are pushing to acquire vast stretches of African land to meet the world’s biofuel needs. Local farmers and governments are being showered with promises. But is this just another form of economic colonialism? Everything will turn...

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22 October 2007

Agroenergy: Myths and Impacts in Latin America

The Energy Matrix Recent studies on the negative impacts of fossil fuels have contributed to agrofuels becoming one of the most important issues of the day. Currently, the global energy matrix is composed of petroleum (35%), coal (23%), and natural gas (21%). Just ten of the wealthiest countries consume close to...

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17 July 2007

We need agrofuel, not biofuel, right?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 by Henry Saragih, Jakarta Amid the heated controversy over global warming and fossil fuel shortages, developed countries and major companies have raised the issue of biofuel. But can alternative energy from agricultural commodities (palm oil, soy beans, corn, jatropha, etc.) become a...

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3 July 2007

Biofuels: The Five Myths of the Agro-fuels Transition

1 June 2007

Ethanol Booms, Farmers Bust

3 April 2007

Colonialism and Agroenergy

Maria Luisa Mendonça is a member of the Social Network for Justice and Human Rights. Marluce Melo is a member of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT). "We could construct projects for poor countries so that rich countries aren’t just seen as exploiters". This proposal, made by President Lula during Bush’s visit to...

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23 March 2007

Militant Brazilian Opposition to Bush-Lula Ethanol Accords

During President Bush’s visit to Brazil thousands of poor, rural members of the international Via Campesina social movement and the Brazilian Movement of the Landless Rural Workers (MST) orchestrated massive, non-violent occupations of multinational agribusiness corporations throughout the country. Nine hundred...

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8 February 2007

Colombia’s Palm Oil Biodiesel Push

Tatiana Roa Avendaño is a member of Censat Agua Viva and Amigos de la Tierra/Colombia. Megaprojects to produce biofuels purport to be a solution to fossil fuel addiction. However, have the people proposing such alternatives even stopped to consider their potential impact on ecosystems, communities, and...

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