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Revista Mural Internacional, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). V 5, June 2014.

8 November 2014

Financial capital and land speculation in Brazil

Fábio T. Pitta and Maria Luisa Mendonça

Keywords: Industrialization of agriculture, financial capital, international market,
debt crisis.

Abstract: This article presents a critical analysis of the reproduction of agriculture
industrialization based on the crisis of capital accumulation. International financial
capital fomented the production of industrial agricultural inputs in Brazil,
stimulating the external debt crisis in the 1980 ́s. In the mid 1990s new financial
sources were available to allow debt payments and to promote another phase of
agriculture industrialization. This tendency was accelerated during the following
period of increasing commodity prices in the international markets, which resulted
in larger capital concentration of agricultural assets such as machinery and land
that, at the same time, resulted in a new debt cycle for agribusiness in current
times. This process of crises-accumulation is marked by labor exploitation and
predatory control over natural resources.


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