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21 January 2007

Criteria for Affiliation with LRAN

There are two levels of participation in LRAN, Affiliation and Membership. Individuals and organizations must met the criteria spelled out below and may apply for Affiliation by filling out the form on this web site.

ndividuals and organizations may affiliate with LRAN if they are either movements struggling for land and other productive resources, or researchers or research organizations committed to placing their research skills at the service of grassroots movements for land and resources.

In order to affiliate with LRAN, researchers must:

- Be committed to the principles and goals of the LRAN (as put forth in the LRAN Mission statement);
- Have cooperative attitudes on sharing and disseminating information and knowledge about issues pertaining land, agrarian reform and resource access;
- Be engaged in research on access to land, agrarian reform, resources access, and/or related issues;
- Be dedicated to using their skills in defense of the rights of landless peasants, indigenous peoples, fisherfolk, rural laborers, small farmers and other land- and resource-dependent peoples.
- Be committed to work with, and respond to the demands of, grass-roots organizations, social movements, and community groups;

Requests for affiliation with LRAN will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Criteria for Membership in LRAN

Membership in LRAN is by invitation only.


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